16th November 2019

8th day: the finals! The athletes compensate by being more visual attentive.

The game for 3rd/4th place the German ladies’ seam to dominate the Dutch, they lead 5:2, but then within 2 minutes the Dutch score 2 points and the German team is happy that they can save the lead over the time. They are relieved when the siren signals the end of the game and they won the bronze medal. In the men’s tournament the Russian prove to be fast and strong athletes, they play in a sovereign manner and within 5 minutes in the second halftime it’s obvious that they will win the bronze medal with a high score against the Swedish boys.

The finals start with a firework performed by the Brazilian. After a short while they lead 3:0. In the second half the European champion from Poland kept trying to break the strong defense of the Samba-girls, but with no luck. The title for the Women’s World Champions goes to Brazil!

The sports hall was full to the bursting point, everybody cheered and clapped and danced to support the Swiss team against the favoured Spanish. The first halftime it was an even game even the Spanish had more ball possession time then the Swiss. Our defense acted very well organised! Only four minutes into the second half the Swiss goalkeeper got the red card and had to leave the hall. A hard blow, but the team kept fighting and they nearly made the dream come true. They only lost by one point and everybody payed them respect for their strong performance. Finally Spain won their first World Champion title.

Emotional closing ceremony

The ICSD representor presented the several awards for women and men: for the best goalkeeper, the best male and female player, fairplay prize for teams, most successful U 21 player and the players who scored the most points. Then followed the presentation of the medal winning teams, the gold medals were handed over under a “gold-shower”, that was a first in the history of the World Championships.

A exciting football party came to an end. Yeah, it was a great week we could share here in Winterthur. We wish everybody a save trip home and are looking forward to meeting you all again at another sports event.

15th November 2019

7th day: everybody is tired, but the show must go on….

The game for 11./12. position went in favour of the women from Thailand. They beat the Swiss 5:3 because they are fitter and can carry out some nice moves.

Today the men and women teams fought for better positions in the ranking list. The attentive observer noticed many inaccurate pass plays, lack of concentration in the defence, waning motivation… many athletes were tired.

But not only the athletes are tired, also staff, OC members, some of the many volunteers fight against tiredness. Nevertheless, everything ran smoothly and everybody keeps going and gives their best, so that all the participants can experience unforgettable world championships here in Winterthur.

14th November 2019

6th day – tough road to the final!

Some teams played today with more or less enthusiasm in the consolation round.

The day of the semi-finals, 4 teams per gender fought in close games to reach the finals.

Clear victory for the samba-girls from Brazil against a self-sacrificing fighting German team. In the second female semi-final game the surprise team from the Netherlands lost against the very well organised European Champion from Poland.

In the first men’s semi final Spain controlled the game and took the lead with 3:0, then the Russian got stronger and stronger mainly in the fight man against man. They caught up to 3:2. But Spain was able to save the victory until the end. What happiness on the one side, but sadness on the other side.

A dream came true!

For the first time ever, the Swiss team reached a semi-final in a world-championship, what a success! Today would be a huge challenge. In the first half it was an even game. In the second half it got more and more exciting, powerful actions and nerve wrecking moments…….

Finally the Swiss team did it!!! They will play against Spain in the final on Saturday.

Ecstatic fans after the final whistle! What incredible emotion!

13th November 2019

5th day, some incredible games and big emotions in the men’s match Switzerland vs Thailand!

The quarter finals: the 8 best men and women teams fought for a place in the semi-finals, to keep their chance to become world champion. The rest of the teams played for a good ranking in the consolation round.

Exciting games! All the teams fought with a lot of passion and lifeblood.

In the women’s tournament the “big” countries (Germany, Brazil and Poland) won, but in very tight games, with only 1 or 2 points difference. Pfffffffffffff!

Hero of the day became the female Dutch goalkeeper. After the extra time she could hold two penalties of the Spanish players and led her team into the semi-finals.

In the men’s tournament the strong teams from Spain and Sweden confirmed their status as leaders and qualified for the semi-finals in a clear manner. But for the Russian team it was a tough game and they even needed some luck to finally win over the Israelian.

The game of the day was Switzerland playing against the vice world champion from Thailand. The sports hall changed into a cauldron: ”Hopp Schwyz”. Everybody cheered and all the Swiss fans crossed their fingers! Finally the last few seconds passed, the horn announcing the end of the game made the dream come true: first time ever the Swiss Futsal-Team qualified for a semi-final in a world championship. Incredible but true!

11th November 2019

4th Day with a lot of emotions

For the last round of the group stage, all the teams gave their best. Some reached the quarterfinals, some not.

In the women’s competition, five teams went to the quarterfinals clearly (Brazil, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain). Sweden and Russia were the best 3rd placed and got of with a black eye.

Italian’s men team didn’t make it to the quarters only because of the goal difference, as well as the exemplary team from Japan and Poland. Algeria, Brazil, Israel, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Thailand are still in the race for the medals.

Tremendous joy and shed tears …., that’s sport!

10th November 2019

Today all the teams played their second group game. In some groups the decision is already made, who can go to the quarter finals, playing on Wednesday. In other groups we have to wait for the third game, that will be played tomorrow.

There were many exciting, tight games with lots of emotion on the poitive side, unfortunately there were also some sending-offs.

One oft he most emotional moments could be experienced in the match Japan vs Poland. The score was 4:4, and everybody was convinced, that was it. The refree whistled/waved the flag, to announce the end of the game, but the ball kept rolling, nobody touched it until it finally stopped inside the Japanese goal. So the official final score for Poland 5:4. A disaster for Japan a moment of happiness for Poland.

The organising committee and all the teams appreciated it, that so many spectators game to watch their games today. To summon it up: it was a great World Championship day!

9th November 2019

Today ist he second match day of the World Deaf Futsal Championships with 11 attractive games.

The men’s matches were highly competitive. In the end, the favoured teams won. There was one sensational exception: the Algerian beat the Azzuri (Italy).

The sportive level in the women’s tournament increased from the last tournament to today. It was a visual treat to watch them play.

Congratulations to the referee’s performances !

The Eulachhalle is the perfect venue for these championships, everything is available : the sports facilities, a kitchen, stands, electronic scoreboards, a friendly hall manager and so on.

8th November 2019

Opening Ceremony

Impressive opening ceremony of the 4th Futsal World Championships for the Deaf, with the Swiss anthem performed in sign language.

Over 300 athletes, women and men, were led into the hall by a group of drummers. The OC offers a very warm welcome to the Futsal-players from 18 different countries, from all over the world.

After a few speeches held by representatives of the ICSD, SGSV-FSSS and of the city council, the flag of the ICSD was raised.

Everybody is looking forward to many interesting Futsal-matches here in the Eulachhalle in Winterthur.


Passionat start for Switzerland!

The opening match: Switzerland vs Croatia. The first five minutes it was an even game. Then Switzerland was the better team. At half time Switzerland leads 3:0.

The second half Croatia starts strong. The game bounces back and forth, suddenly the score is 3:2. The Croatian team takes great risks, it plays over a lengthy period with a flying goalkeeper. Finally Switzerland wins 7 :3. That was a very entertaining match!